The GUMBY Interesting FAQ

Should I sign up for the GUMBY or the GUMBaby?

I know, it's hard. I wish I could do both races at the same time, too. If you think 53km is a long way to run then the GUMBaby might be your race. If you don’t like stopping, then the GUMBY is probably your thing.

What is a Last One Standing race?

Simple. You run 6.7km every hour for as many hours as you can. Only the person who runs the most laps finishes the race.

How do I win?

For the GUMBY, see previous answer. The runner who “helps” the finisher do the most laps will receive an “assist” award. All non-finishers (including the assist) receive a DNF race token. The finisher will receive a free entry to next year’s race. The assist (last person to DNF) will receive a 50% discount on next year’s entry.

For the GUMBaby, it comes down to the last lap. You run 7 laps at whatever pace you like, and as long as you’re on that start line every hour you can keep going. Then you run the last lap as fast as you can: 1st female and 1st male are declared winners, 2nd female and 2nd male are the “assists”. All who cross the finish line receive a finisher’s token.

Is there mobile or internet coverage at Blue Range Hut?

The Hut sits in a valley and mobile reception and internet are patchy at best. The most reliable mobile reception in the vicinity is at the out and back turn around point on One Stick Road (we call this Facebook Hill). Spectators and crew may walk to this location. Alternatively, crew can also drive 10-15 minutes towards Uriarra Village to find reception.

How many people can I have in my support crew?

This may be dependant on restrictions on overall numbers and we will update you as race day approches. For participants who will be running through the night, plan on having only have 1 support person camping.

How do I book my campsite?

The booking can be made during the entry process.

Are cooking facilities available?

Yes. There will be hot water for your noodles, and a gas BBQ for your veggie sausage. We'll fire the barbie up on the first night, then as needed thereafter. Supporters can use the BBQ to cook a meal, but a camp stove is worth bringing. Treat it like a camping trip.

Will there be food and water available?

We will have some aid station food available for GUMBY participants and we will truck in some town water for use by participants of both races. There is tank water on site although we do not recommend drinking it without boiling first.

Should I bring my own food?

Yes. You’ll be burning a ton of calories, so bring food especially things you like to eat (or think you can stomach), on a very long run. There'll be sangas and soup for volunteers, runners and designated support crew. Please be aware that this hot food should not be relied upon as your main food source. Treat it like a camping trip and bring what you need.

Where can I get more food?

The nearest large shops are at Cooleman Court in Weston Creek, 45 minutes away. There you will find supermarkets as well as several take away options.

Can I have a campfire?

Fires are permitted only in the designated fire pits. You are not permitted to collect firewood in the nature reserve. We will have firewood available for the main fire around the hut, but if you want to use one of the other fire pits we suggest you bring some wood with you.

Where can I park?

While it is possible to park inside the locked gate, you should plan to park outside the gate along the side of the access road. People should only request to park inside the gate if they’re not planning to leave until the end. Spaces are very limited and the gate will be locked before the start of the race.

Can I bring my caravan?

No. Blue Range Hut is set up for tent camping only. Space is limited so please don’t pitch a tent that is a house.

Can I bring my dog/s?

Although dogs are technically permitted at Blue Range Hut, we ask that you do not bring your dog on race day.

Can I dispose of rubbish at the Hut?

Please take all your rubbish with you and pick up any litter around your campsite when you pack up. We have to ensure that the entire area is rubbish free when we leave.

Are toilets available?

Yes. There are 2 pit toilets opposite the Hut.

Are showers available?

No. Don't worry, you smell great.

Are entries refundable or transferable?

Please refer to our refunds and transfers policy here.

Further questions.

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