Ultra Mediocre Runners of Canberra presents:

The Great Ultra Mediocre Back Yarder


The GUMBY is a silver ticket event for Big's Backyard World Championship to be held in the USA in October 2023. More info on the road to Big's can be found on ROAD TO BIGS

The winner of the Silver ticket at the GUMBY gains entry to Australia's Gold Ticket race which will be held in Victoria in October 2022. This race will be part of the World Team Championship event, which will see teams of 15 people around the world racing at the same time to determine which country is the Backyard Champion.

If you win the GUMBY you will be qualifying to represent Australia!!

The Event

The 2022 GUMBY and GUMBaby will take place in the Brindabella Ranges to the west of Canberra. The event promises a vibrant community atmosphere for runners and supporters with camping at the historic Blue Range Hut.

The races are organised by ULTRA Mediocre Runners of Canberra Incorporated, a not for profit sports club furthering the sport of ultrarunning in Canberra and surrounds.

The Races

The GUMBY is a traditional last one standing race on a 6.7km course. Runners complete a lap on the hour every hour until there is only one person standing. Everyone else receives a DNF. We expect the race to go all night, and for some, into the next day.

The GUMBaby will be 8 laps of the GUMBY course run out of sync with the GUMBY beginning on the Sunday morning. The total distance is 53.6km. The winner of the race will be the first person across the line on lap 8.

GUMBY Prizes

If you win the GUMBY you not only get a Silver Ticket, you also get free entry to defend your title the following year.

The Last Female Standing and the Last Male Standing will both receive free entry to GUMBY 2023.


All participants that don't finish the GUMBY will receive a Quitters Bitter as well as something to remember all that suffering, and of course, they will get to ‘enjoy’ the famous Quitters Ceremony!


GUMBY starts at 8am, Saturday 23 April 2022.

GUMBaby starts at 8:30am, Sunday 24 April 2022.


Blue Range Hut, Blue Range Road, Coree ACT.

Number of Entrants

GUMBY: 50 participants maximum

GUMBaby: 50 participants maximum


Entry price varies depending on when you enter.

GUMBY Entries

GUMBaby Entries

The Course

In 2021 athletes ran the course clockwise. The 2022 course direction will be announced closer to race day.

The course is 6.7kms of undulating fire trail. Regardless of direction, runners will start in a corral at Blue Range Hut and exit the camping ground through the north gate.


From the north gate runners continue straight along Blue Range Road for a short distance before turning sharply to the right.

The fire trail will continue up hill and around some bends. At the first fork in the road runners keep left and continue to the northernmost point of the loop - the top of GUMBY's head - where they will enjoy the best views of the course before descending to the location known as Pissing Contest Point. A long sweeping bend rises to a sharp turn to the south which leads runners on to the ascent of Facebook Hill (named for its more reliable mobile reception)

Runners will come to a wide 3-way inersection at the top of a rise and turn left for a short out-and-back down Gumbilical Lane, returning to Facebook Hill, runners keep left for a rocky descent to the north gate of the camp. The lap ends where it started in the corral at Blue Range Hut.


From the north gate runners turn right up a rocky slope to Facebook Hill and continue to the right down the out and back on Gumbilical Lane.

Returning to Facebook Hill runners will turn right and descend a wide road. After a few sharp corners and a climb, runners will come to a fork at Pissing Contest Point where they will take the left road to climb to the top of GUMBY's head.

Here runners can enjoy the best views of the course before descending to Dead Horse Gate Road.

Runners will climb again and wind their way south before arriving back at Blue Range Road. Here they will turn sharply to the left and follow Blue Range Road directly back to the north gate, and finish the lap in the corral.

The Rules

Runners run the same course in the same direction once every hour. At the beginning of each hour runners who intend to continue must be in the corral next to Blue Range Hut. Any runners late to the corral will receive a DNF (both races).


The GUMBaby

Rules are the same for the GUMBaby, however the winner will be decided by a race on the last lap. Whoever completes the 8th loop first wins. All others who finish within the time frame will be recognized as finishers instead of receiving a DNF.

Race HQ and Camp Ground

Blue Range Hut will be the Race HQ where race sign in and all the action takes place. The Hut is a basic facility with no power or running water.

There are composting toilets.

There are no rubbish bins at the site. We encourage you take your own rubbish home with you, but we will put out rubbish bins around the hut for convenience.

There may be tank water at the hut, but it is not considered safe to drink.


The nearest shops are about a 45 minute drive away, so bring everything you need. Please bring food, water, toilet paper and firewood if you think you will need any of these.

Aid Station

There will be an aid station at the start finish line with water and limited amounts of other refreshments for runner use only.

Camp kitchen

A camp kitchen will be set up at the hut that will have gas burners and places to prepare food for runners.


Camping at Blue Range Hut is limited based on the below:

Friday Night - Camping is open to supporters and participants of the GUMBY . Friday night camping can booked during registration, numbers are limited and it may book out. Friday night camping is not included in entry fees and is $11 per person

Saturday Night - GUMBY participants are allowed to have one designated crew member camping on Saturday night (this is included in the entry fee). GUMBaby participants or supporters are not permitted to camp, (unless they are a designated supporter of a GUMBY participant).

Sunday Night - GUMBY participants are allowed to have one designated crew member camping on Sunday night (this is included in the entry fee).

Anyone else is welcome to camp (and encouraged to do so) on Sunday night for $11 per person per night. Bookings can be made during registration and may sell out.

Please be advised that no pets are permitted at the campsite on race weekend.

Race Schedule

*Except for race start times, all times are TBC.

Friday 22 April

Saturday 23 April

Sunday 24 April

Monday 25 April

Camp Ground Closes 10am (If you wish to stay longer you will need to book directly through the ACT Government website).